Tending the Soul in Pregnancy

By Tressi Albee, MA, our Redwood Clinic Therapist.  To make an appointment please call 541-772-2291.

birth photo service picKairos is an ancient Greek term meaning the opportune moment, the supreme moment for change.  Pregnancy certainly carries the energetic quality of kairos, the deep and rich matrix in which a woman can make meaningful changes in her life physically, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually. As the wise Midwives at Wise Women Care Associates tend the body throughout the pregnancy and postpartum time, a skilled therapist can be a wonderful way to tend the soul through the changes of pregnancy, birth, and the powerful transition from maidenhood to motherhood, or the transition from mother to mothering a new child.

With a midwifery background and a rich educational background in Depth Psychology, I am uniquely qualified to provide therapy for women through the kairos of pregnancy and motherhood. I work on a sliding scale and I am deeply committed to serving women and their families through their powerful metamorphosis into motherhood. I am welcoming new clients at the Grants Pass Trillium Birth Center.

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